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Medway Council Parish Community Governance

By Parish Clerk Halling Parish Council

Monday, 10 October 2022


Halling Parish Council Contributor


A review is being carried out by Medway Council into the Parish Council Boundaries and number of Parish Councillors (for each 'ward' if necessary).

Halling is currently split into three wards - North Ward (2 councillors), Upper (3 councillors) and Lower (6 concillors). Medway Council are suggesting that Formby Terrace move from Lower Halling to North Ward.

There is a slight under representation, in relation to number of residents, in Lower Ward and that could increase from 6 to 7 councillors, likewise North Ward could increase from 2 to 4. Upper is slightly over represented and could reduce from 3 to 2 (a overall increase of 2 councillors for Halling PC) - but your comments are needed - you will have a survey delivered to local homes by Medway Council and the consultation finishes on the 25th November.

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