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Parish Councillors

2019/2020 CHAIRMAN and PORTFOLIO HOLDERS (as at April 2022)
Chairman ~ Cllr George Wenham
Vice-Chair ~ Cllr L Hitchcock.
Marsh Portfolio Holder ~ Cllr G. Wenham (Chairman)
Events Committee - Cllr Natalie Brown
Estates & Environment Committee Chair ~ Cllr Ged Chalker.
Finance Committee ~ All Councillors
Jubilee Hall Representative ~ Cllr. Linda Ali.
Community Centre Representative ~ Cllr. Les Hitchcock
KALC and Local Training Representative ~ Cllr Linda Ali
John May Charity Trustees Representative ~ Cllr George Wenham (Chairman) & Clerk
Medway Valley Line Committee Member ~ Helen Brown
Rural Liaison Committee Members ~ Cllr George Wenham (Chairman)
Halling Association Committee Members ~ Cllr George Wenham (Chairman) & Clerk

HALLING WARDS AND PARISH COUNCILLORS (can be contacted via the Parish Clerk)

Upper Halling Ward
Mr George Wenham, Mrs Sheila Chamberlain, Mrs Linda Ali                                                                                                                        

North Halling Ward
Mr Gerald Chalker, Mr Chris Buckwell

Lower Halling Ward
Mr Richard Thorne, Mr Les Hitchcock, Mr Bil Ali, Mr Gareth Batts, Alison Burns, Natalie Brown, Vacancy